Chris Ruebens


Chris Ruebens started playing the guitar at the age of 9. He graduated the Eeklo music school with full marks (teachers Peter Gykiere and Wim Van Holderbeke). While learning to play the guitar, he was also interested in theater and learned to play the flugelhorn and baritone horn. For 17 years he played these instruments in a brass instrument ensemble. In 1999 he received his MA degree in Leuven (Belgium) at the Lemmensinstituut (teacher Peter Pieters). After graduating professional guitar studies, he continued higher level studies under guidance of Godelieve Monden and acquired a specialization in modern and post-modern music. After completing these studies with full marks, he also acquired a Masters degree in chamber music the same year. 
Since the age of 17 Chris has played and sang in several blues, rock, pop and disco bands. He is also interested in various combinations of music and theatre. During his study years he formed the guitar quartet Koa together with like-minded friends from the same academy, among which was an internationally famous guitarist Antoon Vandeborght. In 2005 this ensemble released the CD KOA. In 1999 Chris together with two Belgian jazz musicians Peter Verhelst (guitar, oud) and Yves Peeters (percussion) formed Luz de Luna. The music of this trio can be described as a mixture of world music, classical music and jazz, where compositions or sometimes arrangements by the trio members are dominant, but where the most important point is free space for improvisation. In 2010 Luz de Luna released the CD Moods. Since having accepted the offer to become a member of the Baltic Guitar Quartet in 2008 the guitarist has been living in Vilnius.
Another stage of his musical career in Lithuania was the founding of Chris Ruebens Ensemble in 2012. While in search for new sound Chris gathered performers of jazz, pop and world music. This quartet‘s programme can be characterized as having various elements of many different musical styles (Brazilian and Eastern music, classical, blues, and jazz). Together they make up a perfect environment for improvisations and unexpected sounds. The first ensemble‘s programme "Café Musical" was introduced in Vilnius during the St. Christopher’s Festival in the St. Catherine Church.
Chris is an active teacher, who immensely enjoys his opportunity to pass his desire for guitar and music to his students. The musician is also interested in other musical styles. Lately, he has been gaining more and more positive appraisals for his own compositions, which he constantly supplements not only by study materials (published by Auurk Publishing), but also by concert repertoire for solo guitar and guitar quartet. His style can be described in terms of eclecticism, inspired by classical music, world music, and jazz. The musician and composer is frequently invited to act as a guitar competition jury member in Lithuania and other countries.

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