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COMPOSER(S): Bram Weijters
ISMN: 9790543542303
PRICE (printed copy): € 24 (excl. VAT)

CATEGORY: Keyboards Piano Piano & trumpet
EXTRA INFO: for melodic instrument + piano/keyboard. includes Score, and parts in C, Bb and Eb


1. Opening   Sample          
2. A Different Light   Sample          
3. Raindrop   Sample          
4. The Same Prelude   Sample          
5. The Same melody (leadsheet)      
6. Still Dark   Sample          
7. Suspended Weight (leadsheet)      
8. Crackle   Sample          
9. Spiral part one   Sample          
10. Escapement   Sample          
11. The Same but Different   Sample          
12. Ratchet Wheel   Sample          
13. Different Prelude   Sample          
14. The Same Path   Sample          
15. Which Way   Sample          
16. The Same Waltz part one   Sample          
17. Crystals   Sample          
18. At Ease   Sample          
19. The Same Twelve Notes   Sample          
20. Spiral part two   Sample          
21. The Same Waltz part two   Sample          
22. Different but The Same   Sample          
23. Pondering   Sample          
24. A Different Night   Sample          
25. Closing   Sample          

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