Pop & Jazz gitaar

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COMPOSER(S): Jan Ghesquière
ISMN: 9790543540965
PRICE (printed copy): € 24 (excl. VAT)

CATEGORY: Plucked instruments Guitar Method

This book contains 13 pieces :

1. Blue Sioux   Sample          
2. Peel Me An Orange   Sample          
3. The Green Ringer   Sample          
4. Blue Volvo   Sample          
5. The Red Cod   Sample          
6. Dotted Rest   Sample          
7. Paint it Violet   Sample          
8. Red Fever   Sample          
9. Beige Motel   Sample          
10. Light Whitening   Sample          
11. Count Of Three   Sample          
12. Purple Satchel   Sample          
13. I'll See You When You're Green   Sample          

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